We shall be the best at everything.

Spring Electronics see the technical solution and the service as the key for successful project. Real support and technical knowledge are the key differentiator, as a customer you will appreciate our capabilities; we will work hard to win your project and win your future projects.

Our mission is to provide customers complete design service  solution start from specifications, system architecture, design the logic, mechanical, layout design and up to manufacturing handling, all target reduce cost for the customer and short time to market.

We have the knowledge to do it right, fast, low cost and upon your specifications.

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Beautiful desing and functionality.

iESs 2019 Design 2023
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Meet the best service you've seen.

Spring Electronics founded in 2011, design subcontractor leader in wide range of applications and segments: communication medical military safety critical industrial communication / control.

Our Team

Experience design team with more than 20 years’ in hardware design, Software, RT Embedded, ASIC/PLD/FPGA IP development and manufacturing.

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Triton Electronics
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