We shall be the best at everything.

Spring Electronics see the technical solution and the service as the key for successful project. Real support and technical knowledge are the key differentiator, as a customer you will appreciate our capabilities; we will work hard to win your project and win your future projects.

Our mission is to provide customers complete design service  solution start from specifications, system architecture, design the logic, mechanical, layout design and up to manufacturing handling, all target reduce cost for the customer and short time to market.

We have the knowledge to do it right, fast, low cost and upon your specifications.

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Recent Works


Update 1 – 15\11\2019 Update 2 – 15\11\2019 Update 3 – 15\11\2019

Spring Electronics design service options up manufacturing turnkey.

Design, System Architecture, Digital Algorithm, Hardware Design and RT Embedded.

Spring Electronics major designs 2019 for industrial and telecom customers.

  • SD MMC Slave Emulator IP Release
    • SD MMC Slave Controller for CPU Interface with Micro Controller application
    • Ready for integration over
      • User Interface
      • Ethernet
      • UART, SPI, I2C, PCIe
  • SPI EEPROM Controller
    • SPI EEPROM Complete hardware controller IP (compatible AT93C86A)
    • Ready for integration
      • User Interface
      • GINI Controller
      • Ethernet
      • UART, SPI, I2C, PCIe
      • Encryption option
  • SPI Flash Controller – New Features Release
    • Auto Task GINI options support
      • Program / Read over Ethernet / PCIe
    • User Memory Space Options
    • FPGA Load / Programing options
    • Support ALL SPI Flash sizes
  • DSL Master & DSL Slave Integration and Design Logic Peripherals for DSL
    • Safety Critical design
      • Design
      • Design Validation
      • Design Verification
      • Upon Safety regulations, Safety Documents and project development process
  • TDM Over Ethernet System Design for leading telecom customer

Base design on Spring Electronics TDMoETH IPs

    • Up to 256 units in system
    • Support multiple TDMoETH protocols
    • Fully Ethernet base management and control
    • Complete hardware infrastructure control
      • MDIO
      • D PLLs
      • Clock Recover
      • EEPROM and Flash
      • DDR3
    • Up to 32 E1/T1 per unit
    • Up to 32 V.35 Media Converters per unit
    • Up to 32 UARTs per unit
    • GPIOs over Ethernet
    • Time Slot / Channel cross mapping
    • Complete hardware implementations
    • RT Embedded develop
  • Large scale Industrial Printer – System Digital Electronics and Inkjet High End Drive, design for Israeli printing manufacture
    • Fully Ethernet base system support
      • L2
      • IPv4/6
      • UDP
      • Fully configurable over Ethernet LAN
      • GETH / 10GETH
      • Support Star, Daisy Chain and Ring architectures
    • Multi print header support per end unit, each can be fully, Up to 8 print heads per unit
    • asynchronous and have separate encoder inputs
    • Support market leader print heads
    • Extreme high performance print data path
    • RT Embedded Software development
    • Complete hardware infrastructure control
      • MDIO
      • D PLLs
      • Clock Recover
      • EEPROM and Flash
      • DDR3
    • Complete hardware infrastructure control
      • MDIO
      • D PLLs
      • Cooling Control
      • EEPROM and Flash
      • DDR3
      • A2D’s and D2A’s
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Meet the best service you've seen.

Spring Electronics founded in 2011, design subcontractor leader in wide range of applications and segments: communication medical military safety critical industrial communication / control.

Our Team

Experience design team with more than 20 years’ in hardware design, Software, RT Embedded, ASIC/PLD/FPGA IP development and manufacturing.

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Partners and Customers

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