IP Cores

Spring Electronics IP cores enable our customers focus on what the know do best and outsource experts for the silicon  IP core design, short time to market, reduce development cost and risk. We develop semiconductor IPs target for PLDs and Asic for more than 20 years, develop for the entire high tech segments – Telecom, DataCom, Medical, Industrial, Defense and consumer.

Wide IP Cores library of Spring Electronics expose our customers to unique, advance and range of solutions, ideas, all our IPs used on few customers design, verified and tested.

Spring Electronics IP Core business focus on custom IPs – we develop upon our customer’s specifications.


In today’s design challenges are:

  • Today design are more complex
  • Strong demand to shorter design cycle
  • Cost sensitive
  • Integration, need integration of big number of design blocks into single chip (board space, power, cost)

The Solution

Today Asic and PLD technology offer more

  • bigger devices
  • lower cost
  • lower power
  • integrate complex and advance communication blocks
  • Smaller package

The intellectual property, the advantage and difference upon competition implemented on Silicon / PLD

Customers are looking for ready-to-use solutions for widely-used design blocks, short design cycle and risk by using IP Cores, focus on what the know do best and outsource experts for the rest.

Spring Electronics identifying the most common applications and develop IP Core solutions to address the today design needs. Spring Electronics IPs will provide added value for your design.

Custom IP Cores are part of a complete solution we target.

Spring Electronics IP Cores Targets

-Most common applications

-Best return value for our customers

-Unique and highly-optimized solutions

-Lower cost implementations comparing to existing solutions

-High-volume opportunities

Have need for custom IP Core

Spring Electronics design IP Core group have more than 20 years’ experience with IP Core development, support customers over the globe, deliver performance and advantage for our customers.

Service and Technical support is our main strength – This is who we are and where our IP Core team has experience

Make The Contact!


Spring Electronics establish clear IP license agreement enable our customers easy and simple use of our IP products.

Spring IP License Type:

  • Single Design License – Limit the use of the IP to a single product.
  • Multiple Design License – IP can be used without limitation of number of designs, within the same customer site.
  • IP Fee upon consumption


  • VHDL / VLOG and Black Box (Edif encrypted)
  • Pure VHDL / VLOG
  • Netlist


Most of Spring Electronics IPs are free of any third party royalty, for IPs contain applicable protected block by royalty, it is the customer responsibility contact the owners.