Triton Electronics

We are proud to feature our partners and customers:

Avnet Israel

Formal Avnet Israel Subcontractor, PLM for the MicroSemi Actel product line.

Website: click here.

VIA Electronics

VIA Electronics offers comprehensive hardware design services, RT Embedded, high end / high speed hardware development and production.

VIA Electronics providing electronics design services for more than 20 years, experience design techniques and design for manufacturing, using most advance design tools and technologies, with hundreds of successful project deployments in mass production. Our customers benefit from experience high professional standard, extended design, manufacturing and knowledge.

VIA Electronics Design Service offer flexible models of cooperation, Complete Turn Key or specific custom design service.


  • embedded product design and development for a wide range of embedded systems
  • small-scale embedded
  • PCB design & layout
  • Design from product specifications through architecture design, schematics, Digital and Analog simulation, printed circuit board layout
  • Prototyping, assembly, manufacturing and up to NPI.
  • Testing, validation, and certification
  • Safety and environmental tests include approval standards LAB tests.
  • Components Engineering guaranty quality, production longevity and cost.
  • Mechanical design in house

Website: click here.

Triton Electronics Triton Electronics

Website: click here.

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