Consultant Design Flow

Spring Electronics provides its customers the design service, Full Package solution Рupon customer spec, support all the specification definition  process, update the customer for each of the design stages, design from scratch to DB, evaluation, simulation and validation and up to customer lab testing. Provides documents and training for the customer designs enable our customer have full control on the IP.

Project Flow:

  • Work with the customer and help with the specifications definitions (if needed)
  • Work with the customer and help with the system architecture
  • Participate ¬†in Design Reviews
  • Run Design Review for the customer (with respect to the closed specifications)
    • System Architecture
    • Design Strategy
    • Software tools going to be used
    • Simulation Plans
    • DB Plans
    • Validation
    • Design documents
    • Project planning / schedule

Design Flow:

  • Specification or preliminary specification done
  • Start Design
    • System Architecture
    • Blocks Architecture
    • Assign design tools and simulation tools
    • Select target silicon
    • Design Review for the customer
    • Get customer approval for start
    • Logic designers group
      • Blocks RTL design
      • System top design
      • Simulation design group – Using Integrated FPGA vendor tools
        • Test bench blocks design
        • Test bench system design
        • Test validation support files / test bench
        • Synthesis and target silicon fitting
        • Timing and resources validation
        • Design DB / Validation code setup
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