Chassis Management

Spring Electronics develop complete system solution for chassis management, used widely by Telecom and Datacom customers.

Backplane management provides High Availability solution for data, control and management, rich features and reduce CPU handling to minimum, it is a complete hardware base system support redundancy and high reliability features.


Electronic Chassis can includes many entities, line cards and control cards. all need control and communication with the system controller and exchange controls / data with other cards in system. above – each of cards in system can handle big number of interfaces and support wide range of peripheral devices like: I2C buss, SPI, Flash devices, MDIO – PHY & Switches, UART’s PCIe host and more, all need configuration and controls, thete Chassis Management system design take all tasks to the hardware level, tasks like: Initialization peripheral devices, detect cards insertion / power on, fault’s, interrupts, data bridge, media conversion between different cards and more


This Topology enables efficient message and data transfer between the Master cards (Working and Standby) and all application cards, message transfer between all application cards. Messages and Data are encapsulated into standard communication interfaces like HDLC, Ethernet, PCIe, UART.

All hardware interfaces support GINI Features

Industrial Service Port

User Support Ports:

  • Management Frames – Exist, GPIOs, Alarms, Status
  • User I2C Master Ports
  • User I2C Slave Ports
  • User Uart Ports – standard baud rates and up to 10Mbps rates
  • SPI Master Ports
  • SPI Slave Ports
  • SPI Master to SPI Flash Support (all SPI flash protocols handled in hardware)
  • User GPIOs include Sensitive GPIs (level change generates frame interrupt to Master)
  • A2D Ports
  • Video Ports
  • General (TDM base) Parallel Data
  • Local Bus Master Emulation
  • Local Bus Slave
  • MDIO
  • CAN Open