Multi Channel PMBus Controller

General Description

The Multi-Channel PMBUs Controller is a rich features PMBus IP controller, implement advance automatic power control flows, using advance Spring Electronics Service Controller capabilities. easy and simple Auto Tasks flows configurations without change HDL design.

The Power Management Bus (PMBus) is an open industry standard protocol provides communication and control for power conversion. This design support advance control and communication / bridge options to a PMBus controller.


  • Support Standard PMBus & PMBus protocols
  • Multi-Channel up to 128 channels support
  • All parameters are dynamic configurable, physical address, Autotask programs flows, data recording and more
  • Flexible Protocol configuration update / change / add new commands and devices.
  • Ready for Spring Electronics GINI Service integration
  • Support data auto recording, auto monitoring, Auto tasking complex flows.
  • Bridge options to Ethernet, Uart, SPI, PCIe.
  • Monitor and record logger options, includes log on nonvolatile memory
  • Complete logic solution and ready for use, example command (can controlled by GPIOs above management port control)
    • Inc Channel n Voltage <>
    • Dec Channel n Current <>
    • Auto Monitor and Log Voltage Channel <>

Power Up Sequence Example – Auto Task Example or Init AutoTask

Any modification in sequence / Flow / Parameters can be done without  HDL modification!

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