SD MMC Slave Emulator Controller


Designs use uController have SD MMC interface as main data and control bus can use Spring Electronics SD MMC Slave Emulator Controller as ready to use CPU interface, win the benefits SD MMC interface provides.

The SD MMC Slave Emulator Controller provide full solution fully hardware base, Spring Electronics provides APIs for Linux base together with the IP.


  • Compatible with SD MMC Specifications
  • Support SPI Mode
  • Support User Modifications – Memory Space, Registers
  • Support Memory and FIFO data options
  • Encryption and Password options
  • Support Spring Electronics GINI Service Options
    • Data Over Ethernet / PCIe / UART / SPI / I2C
    • Auto Task – Auto Controller Micro Programs
  • Option for Linux API
  • SPI Flash / EEPROM / DDR / Internal FPGA memory interface to controller option