Uarts Over Network


The Uart’s Over Network (Ethernet) Core provides extensions for traditional serial communication technologies – Uart’sover Ethernet network. Uart over Network (Ethernet) convert Uart’s (include options for signaling) over Ethernet (defined by IEEE WG 802.3), the characteristics of this technique include low latency variance, remote performance monitoring capability, remote fault indication capability, active flow control.

Note – The opposite design, Ethernet over Uart / TDM is available as well.


  • Extend Uart’s communication ports over Ethernet network.



Application Example



  • ETH Filtering base on ETH MAC, Source, Vlan, UDP and any of the header bits
  • ETH Management – Arbiter
  • ETH Bend With Control
  • Support Simple ETH Protocol for maximum ETH bend with used, this option useful for LAN network, support frames size from 5 Bytes (four control and one data) and up to 10K Bytes (Jumbo) standard Ethernet frames
  • Fill Up ETH frame option for case of Uart payload smaller then minimum Ethernet frame length frames
  • Support MII/ RMII/ GMII/RGMII/SGMII and Serdes options.
  • Pause ETH Frame option (By management port), indication for Buffer Full Per Port, The design use specific ETH frame for the pause indication in target to Pause only the corresponding frames to a specific port.
  • Maximum Uart Bandwidth – 12 Mbps
  • Option to simulate Uart data – Internal Uart BERT for each port,
  • Status for ETH Port lost, Frames in buffer status, ETH CRC Errors, Frames Errors, Uart Errors.
  • Flexible Looping options include Round Trip test over the Ethernet network
  • Option for single chip solution
  • Built In Automatic ETH Redundancy system

Uart over Network IP Core ports










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