Arink 429


Arinc 429 is communication port used mostly on aircraft applications – Aeronautical Radio Incorporated.  The Arinc 429 communication port provides interconnection solution for avionics communication equipment, the Arinc 429 structure from 32 bit frame.

Each Arinc Port support:

  • 12.5Kbps and 100Kbps programmable baud rate Parity
  • SSM
  • Data
  • SDI
  • Label – 128 programmable labels filter for each channel (each address can be filtered or approved).

This design provide flexible and complete interface to 64 Arinc ports by Local Bus port or by ETH 100 BT / GETH (ETH Layer 2 –IEEE 802.3 standard).

Basic Functions

  • Rx Label Memory, all frames arrive filtered base on the Label memory, the label memory can be set by defaults values in programming file and / or reconfigure by the management port.
  • Up to 256 Labels per Rx channel.
  • Tx FIFO, management write data to Tx FIFO, Up to 32 Frames (32 bit per frame)
  • Rx FIFO, Rx Data FIFO, Up to 32 Frames per channel (32 bit per frame)
  • Management Control Port
    • Set Bit Rate for Tx, Set Bit Rate for Rx,
    • Enable Tx / Rx Channel
    • Enable Label Control
    • Enable Parity
    • Filter SDI Bits Enable
    • Enable Loop, Loop address
    • Baud Rate, port base controlled – 12.5Kbps or 100Kbps.
  • Statues, each port report by the management port
    • Data Valid Arinc indication, FIFO Arinc to User status, FIFO User to Arinc status, parity errors status.


Design Structure

The Arinc 429 design is Nibble Port Base, with fully control on the design options, all controls,The Support for up to 64 Arinc ports.

Very simple user memory map enable easy access

Arinc System






Arinc Tx & Rx Blocks


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