High Performance Data Acquisition – iSEs

Application Description

Industrial and testing electronics require big number of General-Purpose User Input Outputs (GPIOs), communication ports and sensors interconnect, with minimum controls and status indications delays in the system level. Reliable and available high-speed communication / interlink port, low cost interconnect infrastructure.

Add simple and convenience software tools and software interfaces for customer integration.

Implementation using Spring Electronics iES provides advance and robust solutions, simple customer integration and provides variety of system expand options.

High Performance Data Acquisition design use  the options and the simplicity use Spring Electronics Technology iESs platform

For more information on iESs platform:

Industrial Electronics System Solution

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Industrial Full Duplex Ethernet Switch

Industrial Service Port

System Features

  • Complete hardware base system
    • All logic run and analyzed on FPGA (hardware) – High reliability
    • Support hardware configuration in filed
    • Design standard – industrial safety critical applications
  • Control >1024 GPIOs with sub 10ns system level skew
    • Card to card skew control and synchronize to Time Stamp / Machine Time
  • Interconnect sensors spread over entire system
    • I2C Base
    • SPI Base
    • UARTs
    • Analog
    • Digital
    • Buss
    • Memory / Flash
    • Event / Interrupt / Data Logger Recorder
    • Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000 BT)  (connected as a user port)
    • High Performance / Standard A2D’s & D2A’s
      • User configurable triggering option
      • User capture controls option
      • User filtering options (i.e. FFT, FIR)
    • Sensors
      • Temperature
      • Image
      • Industrial sensors
    • Industrial interfaces and protocols support
      • ModBus
      • CanBus
      • PLC Bus
  • Optional user logic implementation
    • Filtering
    • Proprietary user logic
  • Time Stamp / Machine Time
    • All system blocks synchronise and lock on system TimeStamp or Machine Time
    • Integrated Clock recover / Time recover, all system blocks lock on machine time
  • High Speed and reliable communication network, low cost and wide used – GETH / 10GETH
  • Complete software tools to cover system capabilities and ready for customers use
  • Complete software tools for configuration, monitoring, debug and operational control
  • Automatic system discovery includes IP address assignment
  • FMC PIGI connectors  – option for customer proprietary electronics integration


  • Industrial, medical and Military electronics infrastructure for data path and control path includes board 2 board over well-defined and standard communication protocols
  • GPIO expansion, flexible configuration, very low latency and jitter
  • Sensors interfaces
    • High performance far end scoping
    • High performance far end control
  • Upstream (e.g. image sensors) and Downstream (e,g printing heads) data path and controls
  • System control aloud hardware implementation (CPU do not handle any of system real time tasks, communication or control)
  • Complete machinery electronics infrastructure 


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