System FANs Controller


The Fan Control provides full solution for FAN Tray control; operate in manual mode and auto mode, On power up or on system reset, the FAN controller start the FANs in sequence mode, in low speed, run speed test, measure temperature and set up working speeds, reports status over the Management port and on the status LEDs.

The Fan Manager provides robust and flexible solution for Airflow control for chassis base systems.


  • Auto Mode and Manual mode. In Auto mode, system responds to Temperature or speed error automatically. In manual mode – System controlled by I2C Interface.

  • Soft Start, Soft Cut Off

  • Speed Monitor and Reporting.

  • Reporting alarms and status by LEDs and through I2C bus.

  • Auto Speed detects. In auto mode, if detect speed error, all fans go to turbo speed.

  • Master I2C can Read / Write control registers / status registers includes read temperature sensors.

  • Management Port options: I2C, SPI, Local Bus, ETH10/100, HDLC

  • Support Fans Control base: PWM and Logic.

  • Temperature Sensor Interface

  • Power Monitoring, Power Alarm Option

  • Update Fan Speed Upon Temperature Measured – ratio is user defined.

  • Fans Setup – up to 16 Fans.

  • Fans Type: a. Voltage controlled – Controlled using D2A, in this mode the design use 8 bits continues voltage control, b. Use 5 predefined fan speeds levels.

System Block Diagram


FAN Manager Blocks

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