End Point Industrial Logical Engine


  • Standard Ethernet communication port, 802.3, L2, L4, Jumbo, Fragment, HTTP, acknowledgement mechanisms, status and interrupts build in
  • Flexible addressing strategies – Fix, management setup and simple service discovery.
  • Traffic control and monitoring, quality of service integrated.
  • Fast commands, controls and status options – 64nS – 128nS over network
  • Advance interfaces control options – iS
  • Ready to use most of the industrial sensors (Temperature, encoders, position, pressure, A2D’s, D2A’s, generic I2C, Generic SPI, Eeprom, SPI Flash, Image sensors and more)
  • Sniffer port for manufacturing testing’s, debug and monitoring
  • Support traditional communication ports as main communication port (PCIe, RS232,485, USB, CPU Bus)


General Description

Industrial End System – iES is an optimized electronic design for industrial electronics end system point. design to meet today industrial, medical and military electronic system’s needs, iES can be use as standalone card or as card in Industrial Electronics System (iESs).


iES units handles communication, control, status, alarm, hardware interfaces and associated signal processing on sensors. Each of the interfaces and logical functions called Industrial Service (iS).

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iES core block diagram


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