Industrial Electronics System Solution

We offer a system electronics infrastructure to support industrial applications have need for multiple end point electronic system. support high performance, reliability, high speed data and control, sensors interface and software to connect all system elements, the solutions offered enable build complex high-performance data control systems in short integration and develop time. Benefit use proof technology and system solution with more than 25 years expertise in Hardware, Software and System designers experience.


Spring Electronics – Industrial System Electronics (iESs) provide our customer state-of-the-art communication, data and control solutions, complex system interconnect. Ready to Use for Complex System Infrastructure,

iESs system developed with outcome experience of many industrial systems we develop and deployed.


System Level Solution Industrial Electronics

Industrial systems integrate multiple technologies, involve integration of technologies, communicate, sensors, connection and control multiple end point electronics units. Integrate from the shelf equipment save cost, develop time and reduce risk, still – many systems require unique solutions, higher performance and more complex dedicated or proprietary platform integrated to the system,

Those systems will find iESs attractive. simple to use, reduce develop cost and risk, iESs can help short industrial systems development time to market and gain valuable system advantages.

Introduction to iESs

Industrial Electronics System – iESs is Fully Hardware Base System Features Connectivity, Motion, Image Sensors interface and Control for Industrial, Medical and Military Applications, provides all basic function blocks today industrial machinery electronics needs:

The system characteristics include, most advance and high-speed communications include failure redundancy, low latency variance, remote performance monitoring capability, remote fault indication capability, active flow control, low cost and simple cabling system. ease to use and maintain.



  • Industrial, Medical and Military electronics infrastructure
  • Advance, High Performance Data and Control path
  • Board 2 board over well-defined and standard communication protocols
  • GPIO expansion, flexible configuration, very low latency and jitter
  • Sensors interfaces (UART, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, CAN, Encoder, High bandwidth A2D and D2A and more)
  • Upstream (e.g. image sensors, High Performance A2D, D2A, Data Monitors) and downstream (e,g printing heads) data and controls
  • Complete machinery electronics infrastructure
  • Even, Trigger and Monitor upon System Time Stamp Recover

Main Functions

  • Machinery system electronics solution
  • Standard Ethernet Connectivity & Communication, GETH, 10GETH, PCIe
  • System Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Sensors Interface
  • Status and Alarms
  • Motion Control
  • High capacity data path
  • System events and system control upon machine time – Time Stamp
  • System Time Stamp distribute and recover
  • Redundancy
  • No limit for number of End Points Units (iES – End Point Industrial Logical Engine)
  • Modularity for User design Simplicity and Integrity
  • Integrated ARM processors for user applications
  • Option for encrypted communication and configuration files
  • Simple integration of user logic (FPGA base design)
  • Ready and simple integration for customer proprietary system design


iESs Benefits

  • Ready to Use system electronics for a custom industrial, medical and military system
  • Data and control path systems
  • Standard Ethernet base, High capacify (GETH,10GETH, PCIe), fully hardware implementation
  • Support Automotive Serial Ethernet Interface (GMSL)
  • Flexible interconnect – Star, Daisy Chain and mix and over public network includes redundancy.
  • Deterministic, Predictable and fix frame delay – command delay (range of hundreds of nS) and hardware machine time
  • Support most common hardware and electronics tasks require
    • GPIO’s
    • Sensors includes high bandwidth
    • System level and Card to Card communication and control
    • PID controllers
    • Safety Controllers
    • Interface to standard PLC’s and other Industrial protocols
  • Advance control options
  • Low cost cabling solutions for low, mid and high bandwidth end system cards (iES)
  • Support for all design stages

System Blocks and Functions


Industrial End System (iES)

iES’s is the logical end system units, iES units handle communication, control signal processing, hardware interfaces, implement advance interface logical control and monitoring functions called Industrial Service (iS).


Industrial Service Port (iSP)

Industrial Service Port (iSP) unit responsible for the hardware interfaces (e.g. sensors, controllers, memory …), control and management.  advance hardware design technics which enable simple integrity and modularity, implement advance autonomic complex functions in hardware, simple to modify, simply add new / modify interfaces, user can set simple script for each of the interfaces for power up port initialization, automatic task’s and management tasks



  • Hardware interface and control – Hardware Base – CPU offload
  • Integrated within the system, simply add new services, update any of the service functions
  • Service Build in Blocks:
  1. All modes share same command formats
  2. Initialization interface setup – Automatic interface setup, writes / read / configures registers, flexible configuration setup – Txt file
  3. Auto Task / s – Automatic interface setup, writes / read / configures registers and status / alarms / interrupts, flexible configuration setup – text file (e.g. – for D2A service, writes values, read status automatically, on trigger / time base / CPU command)
  4. Managements task – Management write commands sequence (W/R)


Available service ports

  • I2C (support Eprom, Temperature sensors, CODEC, A2D, D2A and generic I2C                   interface support most of available sensors)
  • SPI Generic & SPI Flash (fully hardware implementation)
  • Magnetic card reader, Joystick interface …..
  • MDIO Controller
  • Generic Local Bus / DSP – Local customer CPU interface
  • Step Motor PID multi axis controller
  • PMBus, Power control, Power Monitoring
  • Encoder interface and distributor over machine communication
  • High speed, low jitter GPIO distributions
  • RS232 / RS485 master / slave
  • PLC Bus interface
  • FAN & FAN Try controllers includes temperature control
  • Image sensors interface & transport over communication network
  • Image processing platform – Hardware accelerators integrate ARM processing
  • Data Buffer over communication network, e.g. printing industry – print heads data controller, interface and distributer
  • System interrupt & event reporting
  • Hardware base status reporting – no need to run polling


Industrial Service Ports – iESs


Service flow example: PMBus Service / Power Management and Monitor


  1. Power Up
  2. Automatic check service is enabled, if yes then move to step 3
  3. Run Initialization:

3.1.            Configure all power supplies parameters (can be tens of W/R command)

3.2.           Turn On / Enable Power supplies

  1. System Stand By

4.1.            Run WD timer for auto task

4.2.           Management Command Request?

  1. Execute auto task / management task
  2. Update recorded data / Status / Management reply data
  3. Go Back to System Stand By


Industrial Full Duplex Ethernet Switch (iFDX)

iFDX provides the interconnect infrastructure for system where more than one iES integrated within the system, iFDX provides system switching and interconnect – Local Area Network (LAN), System can include one or several number of iFDX’s upon the system architecture. Guaranty quality of service, minimum packet delay (sub uS), predictable delay, fast trigger distribution, traffic policy and shaper.

iFDX fully adopting standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet specifications.

Note: User can use standard Ethernet switch or dedicated iFDX


  • Standard Ethernet switching (L2, L4), up to 16 ES’s / Ports
  • Any port to any port
  • Connectivity architecture: P2P, Daisy Chain, Ring and Mix
  • Manual / Auto IP address porting, UDP address porting and ETH L2
  • Hardware base frame loss detection and retransmit options
  • VLAN Frame support
  • Jumbo frame
  • Fragment
  • TFTP
  • Deterministic frame delays, hardware base design
  • Optional Proprietary fast trigger and controls distribution (<100 nS)
  • Bandwidth control per channel, per service on channel
  • Profile configuration per port (optional)
  • Support 10,100, 1G and 10G Ethernet
  • Industrial low Latency Frame support
  • Time Stamping
  • Monitoring and sniffing
  • Redundancy Control
  • Quality of Service capabilities per port
  • Automatic status and Interrupt system (Round Robin, event status, system level interrupt’s)


Ethernet MAC Options

  • ETH MAC filtering – Bit mask base for all the ETH modes
  • User define ETH header
  • Support Ethernet 100BT, GETH and 10GETH
  • Option for external memory – 128 Frames buffer for Tx and 128 Frames buffer for Rx
  • Option for internal memory – 8 Frames buffer for Tx and 8 Frames buffer for Rx
  • Option for internal memory – 56 Frames buffer for Tx and 56 Frames buffer for Rx
  • Ethernet Reordering support up to 16 frames mode.
  • Time Stamp and Clock recover option.
  • ETH Statistic – CRC Errors, No Frames / Sec, Frames Error, MAC Filter. Number of Frames in buffer Tx/Rx
  • Looping Options – ETH to ETH, All the design blocks involve in the loop.

System Interconnect Example

Demonstrate the communication architecture flexibility and still support high bandwidth, low frame latency and redundancy for case of broken ring.

Involve Ring LAN, Mixed of Ethernet and Serial and chain from one of the stations





System Availability


  • System units available for demonstrations, performance test and customer evaluation include software drivers and basic system software support.
  • Debug and bring up system – hardware software ready for use.
  • Customization and turnkey development supported






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