Industrial Full Duplex Ethernet Switch


  • Standard Ethernet switching (L2, L4), up to 16 ES’s / Ports
  • Any port to any port
  • Manual / Auto IP address porting, UDP address porting and ETH L2
  • Hardware base frame loss detection and re transmit options
  • VLAN Frame support
  • Jumbo frame
  • Fragment
  • TFTP
  • Deterministic frame delays, hardware base design
  • Optional Proprietary fast trigger and controls distribution (<100 nS)
  • Bandwidth control per channel, per service on channel
  • Profile configuration per port (optional)
  • Support 10,100, 1G and 10G Ethernet
  • Industrial low Latency Frame support
  • Time Stamping
  • Monitoring and sniffing
  • Redundancy Control
  • Quality of Service capabilities per port
  • Automatic status and Interrupt system (Round Robin, event status, system level interrupt’s)




General Description

iFDX provides the interconnect infrastructure for system where more than one iES integrated within the system, iFDX provides system switching and interconnect – Local Area Network (LAN), System can include one or several number of iFDX’s upon the system architecture. Guaranty quality of service, minimum packet delay (sub uS), predictable delay, fast trigger distribution, traffic policy and shaper.

iFDX fully adopting standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet specifications.

Note: User can use standard Ethernet switch or dedicated iFDX

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