E1 Framer


The E1 framer IP design to provide integrated TDM framers solution and full design flexible, The E1 framer handle TDM data upon G.704 and G.706 recommendations, Tx and the Rx blocks design independently to enable maximum flexibility.


  • G704 Complaint
  • G706 Complaint
  • TDM Mode
  • Control Options:
    • Enable Framer Rx
    • Enable Multi Frame Structure, Framer will sync on basic frame
    • Enable Bypass Mode, with the highest priority
    • Enable BERT
    • Enable PRBS
    • Enable CRC4
    • Use external Multi Frame Sync Input – E1_MF_Sync_In
    • Generate Dummy MF Sync and F Sync
    • Enable Re Sync if Sync Loss detected
    • Enable Sync on Multi Frame Signaling     G705 4.1.1
    • Enable CRC4 Counter
    • Enable E bit counter
    • Enable FAS counter
    • Enable Sa pattern insertion
    • Re Sync Multi Frame
    • Enable HDB3 Input
    • Enable Use Remote Alarm Indication bit in FAS Sync SM
    • Enable Multi frame Re Sync if CAS Sync lost
    • Enable Automatic Re Sync when 914 CRC4 errors fond in 1000 words
    • Reset BERT Errors Counter
  • Bert Mode           2^7,2^9,2^15,2^23,2^31,QRSS
  • Control Invert Bert Rx Data
  • Re Sync Recorder event register, Provide information how close the Re Sync
  • Buffer 8 bytes for: Signaling, XYXX, abcd, AIS.
  • Mask Interrupts
  • V5.2 Link ID detection
  • Flexible Sync options when using Multi Framers on single chip
  • All Sync position are controlled – User can move the sync to any of 4095 locations.

E1 Tx Frame Blocks

E1 Rx Frame Blocks

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