E1 / T1 Framer


The E1 / t1 framer IP design to provide integrated TDM framers solution and full design flexible, The E1 / T1 framer handle TDM data upon G.704 and G.706 recommendations, Tx and the Rx blocks design independently to enable maximum flexibility.


  • G704 Complaint
  • G706 Complaint
  • TDM Mode
  • Control Options:
    • Enable Framer Rx
    • Enable Multi Frame Structure, Framer will sync on basic frame
    • Enable Bypass Mode, with the highest priority
    • Enable BERT
    • Enable PRBS
    • Enable CRC4
    • Use external Multi Frame Sync Input – E1_MF_Sync_In
    • Generate Dummy MF Sync and F Sync
    • Enable Re Sync if Sync Loss detected
    • Enable Sync on Multi Frame Signaling     G705 4.1.1
    • Enable CRC4 Counter
    • Enable E bit counter
    • Enable FAS counter
    • Enable Sa pattern insertion
    • Re Sync Multi Frame
    • Enable HDB3 Input
    • Enable Use Remote Alarm Indication bit in FAS Sync SM
    • Enable Multi frame Re Sync if CAS Sync lost
    • Enable Automatic Re Sync when 914 CRC4 errors fond in 1000 words
    • Reset BERT Errors Counter
  • Bert Mode           2^7,2^9,2^15,2^23,2^31,QRSS
  • Control Invert Bert Rx Data
  • Re Sync Recorder event register, Provide information how close the Re Sync
  • Buffer 8 bytes for: Signaling, XYXX, abcd, AIS.
  • Mask Interrupts
  • V5.2 Link ID detection
  • Flexible Sync options when using Multi Framers on single chip
  • All Sync position are controlled – User can move the sync to any of 4095 locations.

E1 / T1 Tx Frame Blocks         E1 / T1 Rx Frame Blocks