The purpose of the Light MAC (Media Access Controller)  IP is to provide optimize Ethernet  MAC solution and still support IEEE 802.z standard. Light MAC provides maximum flexibility and the smallest logic design for applications need support Ethernet on FPGA.


  • ETH CRC generation and checking
  • ETH Header filtering
  • User define ETH header
  • Pause Frame generation and receive handling
  • Support 100BT (MII/RMII) and GETH (GMII,RGMII and Serdes)
  • Simple User interface, Options connect to Local Bus or DMA
  • Control options – Enable traffic, inject CRC error, Enable Add CRC, looping, status bits
  • Support standard ETH frames and Non Standard short frames – Enable performance approve for local ETH network
  • Support Pause frame, Pause parameters control
  • Include GETH PHY
Block Diagram




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