I2C Base Solutins


Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) is a multi-master single ended bus, target for low speed peripheral communication, I2C use two serial bi-directional lines, provides a simple and efficient method of data exchange between devices.

Spring Electronics provide I2C IPs for wide range of applications, standard I2C peripherals chip set replacement – enable integrate I2C peripheral and generic logic into single chip.


  • Compatible with I2c standard
  • Support Multi Master Operation
  • Management  programmable clock frequency
  • Clock Stretching and Wait state generation
  • Interrupt masking and control options
  • Built in framing support for bridge applications (I2C <-> Uart, I2C <-> SPI and more)
  • Bus busy detection
  • Supports 7 and 10bit addressing mode
  • Programmable / Management control for SYS Clock and I2C Baud rate
  • Synchronous design
  • Built in support many I2C peripheral devices (Temp readers, A2D’s, D2A’s and more)
  • Baud Rate support range of speeds include 100Kbps, 400Kbps and up to 100Mbps

Supported I2C standard devices

ex- Example

  • Temperature sensors – Analog Devices (ex AD7414/5), Maxim MAX7500
  • DACs – Analog Devices (ex AD5346/7/8), TI (DAC5571)
  • Switch – NXP (ex PCA9548)
  • GPIO Expander – NXP (ex PCA9555/9506), MAX7313 and many more
  • Power Monitor – ex ADM1191
  • Memory Interface and controller – Atmel AT24C1024 and many others. ST M24Cxx
  • Real Time Recorder, RTCs – MAX DS1682 and many more

We have solution for many other peripherals

I2C Available IPs Options

I2C Expander – Expand I2C ports and can be used for I2C Address exchange


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