SPI Base Solutions


The Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI) is a popular and widely used communication port for data communication in the field of telecommunications and control.

Basic SPI Block                                                                                    Multi SPI Port Expander


Spring Electronics SPI IPs providing all the basic operations and above System SPI Base Solutions:

Interface to standard SPI ports, microprocessor interface, frame generation, parity generation, parallel to serial conversion and parity checking.

Spring Electronics provide range of SPI solutions, integrated into communication structure.

  • Multi SPI ports in single chip include Tx and Rx buffer for itches SPI port
  • Stand Alone SPI Flash – SPI Flash controller in hardware, Provides User Flash applications and FPGA Multi Configuration / FPGA Filed Update
  • Simple SPI
  • SPI Bridge Solutions, SPI<->I2c, SPI <-> Uart, SPI <-> ETH and more
  • High Speed SPI, support standard bandwidth and up to 200Mbps bit rates
  • SPI Interface :
    • Local Bus
    • Uart
    • ETH
    • HDLC
    • I2c
    • Built In framing controller – enable support and build framing over SPI interface
    • Master and Slave for all IP’s options


  • Standard SPI
  • Multi SPI ports solutions in single chip – Independent setting for each SPI Port
  • Support Parity Odd, Even, Mark and Space – Software control, external or configuration control.
  • Support framing options
  • General Purpose I/Os
  • Loop Back – Short and Long
  • Status indications for all internal functions
  • Buffer for each channel (independent for Tx and Rx channel)
  • Low Cost, Low Power
  • SPI Flash controller option

System Application Example


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