T1 Multi Channel Framer


The T1 Multi Channel framer IP design to provide integrated TDM framers solution and full design flexible, The T1framer handle TDM data upon G.704 and G.706 recommendations, Tx and the Rx blocks design independently to enable maximum flexibility.


  • G704 Complaint
  • G706 Complaint
  • TDM Mode
  • Up to 8 T1 Framers front interfaces
  • Up to 32 T1 channels support in backend framer
  • Control Options:
    • Enable Framer Rx
    • Enable SuperFrame and Extended SuperFrame Structures
    • Fast and robust sync algorithm
    • Enable Bypass Mode, with the highest priority
    • Enable BERT
    • Enable PRBS
    • Enable CRC6
    • Option use external Frame Sync
    • Enable Re Sync if Sync Loss detected
    • Enable CRC6 Counter
    • Support Channels
      • Voice
      • Data
      • Signaling
      • Data Link and Remote
    • Support HDLC Multi Channels Options
    • Enable HDB3 Input
    • BERT Option
  • Control Invert Bert Rx Data
  • Mask Interrupts

T1 Tx Frame Blocks / T1 Rx Frame Blocks