Where to use Spring Electronics

Leading Edge Architecture Design, High End FPGA, Hardware Design, RT and Software Subcontractor.

Have need to develop Logic, CPLD, FPGA, Overcome Asic issue,

Mix Analog Digital design? – There is our mission.

Communication – ETH, PCIe, Uarts, SPI, I2C, Utopia, POS, MDIO, Connectivity solutions and more.

Industrial – Motor controllers and Motion controllers, high speed A2D/D2A over ETH. Fan controllers

Consumer – LCD controllers, video processing, protocol converters, Keyboard controller, logic integration and more

Power and Analog design

Why Design with Spring Electronics ?

Spring Electronics hands on design experience, Digital, FPGA, IPs and Analog, manufacturing capabilities and mostly understands the service aspects for the customer

Low cost and up to High End FPGA Technology

Spring Electronics use validation and simulation integrated within FPGA vendor tools.

Xilinx FPGAs

Intel FPGAs

Lattice PLD’s Mix Analog / Digital & FPGAs

Actel FPGAs


Contact us – We have solution for your design


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