About Us

Spring Electronics founded in 2011, design subcontractor leader in wide range of applications and segments: communication medical military safety critical industrial communication / control.

Our Team

Experience design team with more than 20 years’ in hardware design, Software, RT Embedded, ASIC/PLD/FPGA IP development and manufacturing.

Spring Electronics provides:

  • Real partner understand the important of Service and Professionality Complete turnkey solution
  • Project management
  • Hardware Design
  • RT Embedded
  • Manufacturing
  • Training

We design the most advanced High Speed and Complex Systems, Communication interfaces and down to the most common hardware and logic design.

Spring Electronics – Advantage

  • More then 20 years of development and success deployment to our customers
  • Complete solutions – All in house
  • Huge IP’s libraries deployed and widely used, open for NRE, modifications
  • System and Electronics Architecture design
  • Hardware, Mechanics design, Prototype and up to mass production service
  • ASIC / FPGA IP tested, debug, verification use the most advance technologies
  • Software API and RT Embedded
  • Develop state-of-the-art industrial telecommunication and control products
  • Focus On Customer Satisfaction and Service