About Us

Spring Electronics founded in 2011,  IP provider and design subcontractor leader in communication, industrial, medical and military solutions for wide range of applications and segments, experience in hardware design, software RT Embedded and PLD/FPGA IP development, Complete TurnKey  solution. Project management – Hardware and RT Embedded, Training, sales and technical support for the Israeli High Tech Industry.

Based in Israel, Spring Electronics provide complete IP solutions, proprietary and on the shelf solutions, VHDL and VLOG base,  We design the most advance High Speed and Complex communication ports and down to the most common logic and telecom solutions like ETH Interfaces, ETH MAC’s and Controllers, Uarts, SPI’s and more.

Why Spring Electronics? Spring Electronics believe the service quality, time to market and professionalism are the base. Each success project start with the quality of the service and end with the professionalism of our designers, there is our role. We have the knowledge, experience and the background to support your design needs.

Founder – Aviv Banim, Former Lattice Israel country manager.

More than 20 years of strong and deep Digital and Analog design knowledge, experience with development IP’s targets for PLD / Silicon.

Cover the entire High Tech segments active in Israel.

Base penetration on deep technical support, solutions and service.

Deep knowledge and experience, excellent knowledge and relationship with the Israeli distributors and Silicon manufactures.

With Spring Electronics you will have ALL the options

  • Service!! Experience with IP development and provide service to handers of customers
  • Huge knowledge data base, we will help and advice for any design question
  • Short time to market
  • Ability to provide complete design solution and knowledge from layout design, system architect, mechanical design and up to manufacturing, purchasing and operation.
  • Complete solution – IP tested, DB and qualified, Above
    • Training for the customer designs on the design
    • Documentations
    • Customization service

About Aviv Banim

  • More than 14 years’ work for PLD manufacture
  • Hardware project manager at Motorola Israel (AL&C)
  • Responsible for the Lattice Israel office setup
  • Responsible for distribution management, training and guide.
  • Responsible for IP and Ref design development for the Lattice users in Israel
  • Responsible for VHDL & VLOG customers training
  • Expert in Telecom, High Speed, Military and industrial applications and IPs and Analog design
  • Expert in Power design and control technics
  • Hold BSc Electronic Engineering from Beer Sheva University