MDIO Solutions


The Management Data Input / Output Bus (MDIO) is a serial bus defined by the Ethernet family IEEE 802.3 standard for Media Independent Interface. MDIO interface used for accessing the control and status registers of PHY’s, MAC and other Ethernet chip sets.

Basic MDIO and Multi Port Expander

Spring Electronics MDIO IPs providing all full standard MDIO Expander, Stand Alone, master and Slave solution on single chip solution.

MDIO IP provides solution for MDIO variety options:

1. Local Bus to Master MDIO

2. Auto Configuration and status read of MDIO ports – Stand Alone MDIO (Automatic PHY’s configuration and status monitoring).

3. Slave MDIO to Local Bus

4. Slave MDIO Stand Alone



  • IEEE 802.3 Compliant
  • Programmable Frequency
  • Programmable MDIO Clock direction (In or Out)
  • Programmable PHY Address / Mix with external pins / internal constants
  • Auto / Stand Alone writes / reads individual for all 32 PHYs in system, Up to 32 Read / Writes for each PHY
  • User define Sensitive Status Bits, if change the user can get interrupt
  • Programmable Status Interrupts, Up to 8 Status Interrupts
  • Status MDIO registers available for LEDs indication
  • MDIO Master Option
  • MDIO Slave Option
  • Clause 22 and Clause 45

Local Bus / Management Port (Can be Uart, SPI, ETH and HDLC)

  • 8 / 16 bit data bus
  • Burst read / write from MDIO port
  • Read / Write Auto Configuration Read / Write memory blocks

System Application Example

Basic information on MDIO

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